Innovation and Vitality, Lighting up the Beauty of Quality

Join us and celebrate the 48th International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2023, which will take place on October 30th - November 2nd of 2023 in Beijing.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, innovation and vitality are essential for staying ahead of the curve. They inspire fresh ideas, creative solutions, and new approaches, driving continuous improvement and exceeding expectations. When applied to quality management, innovation and vitality provide the necessary spark to make quality shine.

Innovation fosters creativity and empowers new thinking, allowing us to embrace emerging technologies and adapt to new challenges. Vitality, on the other hand, brings energy and passion, driving enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. When combined, innovation and vitality are powerful forces that can transform quality management.

Now the time is coming for all the QC circles to join together again. Let us explore new ideas, share best practices, inspire one another to strive for excellence and embrace the spirit of innovation and vitality.

Please reserve the dates in 2023 to participate in this great event, and we look forward to an engaging and inspiring convention ahead.


This Convention is being organized by CAQ – China Association for Quality.

List of CCM organization members

  • Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM) 
  • China Association for Quality (CAQ) 
  • Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) 
  • Indonesian Quality Management Association (IQMA) 
  • Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers (JUSE) 
  • Korean Standards Association (KSA)
  • Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) 
  • National Productivity and Competitiveness Council of Mauritius (NPCCM)
  • Quality and Productivity Association of the Philippines (QPAP)
  • Singapore Productivity Association (SPA)
  • Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Quality & Productivity(SLAAQP) 
  • The Association of Pioneer Quality Control Research (PQCRA)
  • The Association of QC Headquarters of Thailand (QCHQ)


International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) has successfully been held 47 times since its starting in 1976. ICQCC is renowned as the “Quality Olympics” as it covers a huge number of participants in diversified industries. As a cohesive event, it includes many organizations around the world. CAQ, as a member of CCM of ICQCC, successfully held the ICQCC in 1997 and 2007. 

As 16 years have passed, CAQ will become the host again. And, the 48th ICQCC will be held in Beijing, which enjoys the reputation of “Dual Olympic City”. Through presentation and exchanges, the best quality innovation and improvement projects can be shown and shared with all participants, so as to inspire each other and learn from each other. The 48th ICQCC will set Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, as well as the selection of the Best Popularity Award and the Featured Project Award.

We will once again innovate the convention and let everyone have an unprecedented experience. We sincerely welcome every friend from all countries and regions with the greatest enthusiasm!